About Us

Players choice was founded in 2017 with the core purpose of providing practical, affordable and immediately applicable sports coaching and skills training to cricketers of all ages.

Founding Directors – former professional player and multiple WACA Coach of the Year Jim Allenby, and experienced cricket administrator and former grade cricketer Garry Martin – combined their respective cricket pedigree and business acumen with a passion for development to create a vision that serves the needs of young and aspirant cricketers in Australia and beyond. International coach Mickey Arthur joined the company in 2019 to renew his relationship with Garry and Jim and add some high-quality international coaching experience to the company and coaching program.

Players Choice provides individualised  and specialised coaching to early-stage professionals seeking to make a career out of sport. It also offers a range of  programs  for youngsters who have just started their cricket journey and those playing in the junior ranks at school or club levels.

Players Choice embodies coaching ‘By Players, For Players’, offering growth and learning opportunities across its range of programs.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the leading independent sports coaching company in Australia, providing sport and life-skills to young players across a multitude of codes.

Our Mission

To utilise our skills and expertise to create and deliver individual and group training programs that offer immediate and long-term benefits for participants.

Our Values

Focus – we are driven to deliver the best outcomes for our players

Integrity – we work with honesty and purpose to provide programs that consistently add value

Excellence – we strive for excellence in everything that we do

Learning – we regularly update our knowledge to provide tangible benefits to players

Dedication – we are dedicated to helping participants to achieve and be their best

The Way We Work

Putting Players First

At Players Choice, the players – not the coaches – are the central focus of activity, and social media is used to showcase our players’ achievements and progress.

Our team operates as both coaches and facilitators, working with individual or group participants to first assess their strengths and weaknesses and then develop coaching interventions designed to provide continued improvement and growth.  Our core focus is on giving our best in order to bring out the best in our players.

Committed to Safety

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment to all program participants, from six-year old beginners to aspirant professionals. We uphold the highest duty of care standards ensuring that we consider all risks that might be involved in our work and making sure that we have measures in place to preserve the safety of players and ourselves at all times.